About the Project – Gwybodaeth am y Prosiect

Preseli Heartlands Communities is a three year Heritage Lottery Funded Great Place Project that aims to celebrate and share the unique heritage and culture of the Preseli area, with an exciting programme of activities and events. The project aims to work in partnership with organisations and communities to ensure that heritage and culture are firmly embedded in future development plans.

Mae Ein Cymdogaeth Werin yn Brosiect Lle Arbennig tair blynedd a ariennir gan gronfa Dreftadaeth y Loteri sydd â’r nod o ddathlu a rhannu treftadaeth a diwylliant unigryw ardal Preseli, gyda rhaglen gyffrous o weithgareddau a digwyddiadau. Nod y prosiect yw gweithio mewn partneriaeth â sefydliadau a chymunedau i sicrhau bod treftadaeth a diwylliant wedi’u mewnosod yn gadarn yng nghynlluniau datblygu’r dyfodol.

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  1. I attended the Hermon Blas y Preseli workshop. It was brilliant. Food is crucial for our survival, identity, family and friendship. Baking bread and breaking bread together ..what a special thing to do.
    I do not sound Welsh, but when I share my childhood food and cooking memories that is when I feel a deep connection with others who share similar memories. A high point in the day for me was when someone asked when looking at an old video of cooking on a bakestone what the cook was wiping the bakestone with – I knew it was a goose feather as that is was my auntie used.
    I have a Bed and Breakfast (endorsed in the Guardian as one of the 20 best places to stay for walkers in the UK). 75% of our guests are from overseas, many of them American, Canadian & Australian with Welsh heritage, looking for links and foundations in this speedy world. They often have stories of food their grandparents cooked, deeply linked with hiraeth.
    I learned so much from this workshop, the workshop leader Luke Conlon, other participants, about the People’s Collection in Aberystwyth and the book Welsh Fare by Minwel Tibbott with its amazing photos – I have ordered a copy which will be a treasure to share with guests.
    The recipes for Bara Crai and Miogod Sir Benfro that we all made together I will offer to guests for breakfast.
    With St Dogmaels Footpath Association I am also developing a self-guided ‘geology and food history walk’, linking the building stones of St Dogmaels Abbey and Y Felin mediaeval water-mill with the sources of the stones and the mediaeval breads we can make today, using flour from Y Felin, such as Bara Cymysg (Maslin Bread), Bara Barlys (Barley bread – monks were not meant to eat white bread) and Bara Ceirch (Oat cakes).
    I would really appreciate Sophie’s input to this local heritage focussed walk

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